First blog post ever!!


So I'm just going to jump the gun here and say that this is our first . blog. ever.....!

We are pretty excited to be starting this, though a little nervous. Greg and I have been wanting to start a blog for FOREVERRRR, but it was added to the list, among with fifty million other things we wanted to do with starting this business, and it is only just now getting started, about 20 weddings deep in to our business!

I drafted a few different ideas as to what this first blog should be about, but in the end... I felt that we should start in the beginning... as where every story begins!

Greg and I are lucky enough to live in Mammoth Lakes, California. Trying to be unbiased here...but it really is one of the most beautiful places in the world. We love to travel, both in and out of the states...but every time we leave... neither of us are bummed on the fact that its time to come home. If anything, we have a mental list of activities we've been dying to do, and are so excited to get back and pursue them. During the winter; we love backcountry snowboarding, snowmobiling to hot springs, meeting up with friends at Mammoth Mountain, or getting outside any chance we can. In the summer time, we love backpacking, hiking, mtn biking, road biking, swimming in lakes, trail runs, and again; any and all activities outside! We're pretty lucky to live where we live, but we also work really hard to live where we live.

We first started getting in to filming weddings with a little luck, perseverance, and taking chances. Greg's been filming for almost 15 years now, so he's got all of this on lockdown. I on the other hand... I have been playing with cameras since I was a kid, spending way too much money on film and having no idea what I was doing...but I LOVED it. I took a few classes, learned the fundamentals, and had fun with it. Since then, I've been serving/bartending in restaurants, never knowing you could actually make a living off of these wonderful magical cameras. It wasn't until I met Greg that i learned you could actually be a professional camera person. When i say camera person, i mean making a living from pictures, video, editing, colorISTA ... whatever one in a million positions possible within this magical world of camera capturing! So after about a year of playing around with cameras, editing all of gregs extra footage, and 2'nd shooting for a few wedding videographers, I was presented with an opportunity!!! Long story short- a local was getting married, and last minute...her grandparents couldn't make the flight out here...they could'nt afford his or anyone else's price... so i made one of those moves you make...the ones where you look back on it and think...." damn... i did that?.... that was ballsy".... But it all worked out!!! Low and behold...that happened twice within two weeks... and i was there, more than happy to come in and film these weddings for super cheap, with very little experience, dragons flying around my stomach, and some borrowed gear. But mainly, i was VERY lucky, and had the loving care of Greg, who came to both of these weddings as my "2nd shooter". (He was not the 2nd shooter by any means! but he let me pretend he was, and was there for me the second i needed him as an experienced videographer).

After that we realized, we really loved shooting weddings. We love how unexpected they are, you never know what is going to happen (even if you have an itinerary), loved seeing all of the love around us, and most of all... the final product !! CANNOT express to you guys how much we love the final product. To this day i STILL get tears while watching the first dance. I STILL get goosebumps while watching speeches. The love that comes out of these weddings is what we're here for. We love capturing all these emotions that come out of weddings, and even more...we love watching them come to fruition. The final product is so much fun, so full of emotions, and it so full filling when we get to mail these videos off in their specialized packages.

If you've made it this far, i am impressed! Thank you for staying to the end, i hope it was some what entertaining!

until the next blog.... adios!!!!

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